Eyelash Colouring

Women who regularly get their eyelashes tinted enjoy a number of benefits. If your lashes are naturally blond or gray, getting them dyed will create a much more dramatic look for your eyes. The cream is, the benefit is around the clock; unlike mascara that you must apply every morning, be careful not to smudge, and wash off at night, with dyed lashes you wake up looking like you already have makeup on.

Lash tinting is a great option for women who have busy or active lifestyles. If you spend a lot of time swimming, playing sports or chasing your kids around, it's likely that you do not often wear mascara. Lash tinting will give you a more polished, coiffed look that is also maintenance free.

Korean Doll Eyelash Perm

Eyelash Perm is a semi permanent beauty procedure that creates a curl in your natural lashes that will last for the life of the eyelash.  The lifespan of a single eyelash is 90 days or 3 months.  Gradually we shed lashes and replenish them every 90 days.  Eyelash perming will keep a lasting curl all the way thru the life of the eyelash.

Lash Perms are generally re-serviced about every 2 months.  We encourage our clients to return for service visits to keep their lashes looking great and natural. We do not encourage our clients to wait the full 3 months cycle to avoid the lashes being completely replenished with new lashes and looking straight. Say goodbye to lash curlers. Its the convenience and perfection that we can offer you.

Eyelash Enhancement

Minx Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extensions are the hottest trend in beauty today. Unlike traditional false eyelashes which are applied as a  single strip and last only a couple of days,  individual, synthetic, true Eyelash Extensions are individually bonded to a client’s existing eyelashes one by one and last up to 4-8 weeks!   The process is a meticulous one, requiring well-trained professionals to ensure good results.When it comes to the health of your eyes and lashes, it is worth the time it takes to find the safest and best qualified professional around. Try Us.