Intensive Machine Treatments


- Q-Switched ND YAG Laser
- E - Light IPL
- Radio Frequency

- Oxy Jet Hydro Dermabrasion

- Jet Clear Saline Exfoliation & Infusion
- Micro Dermabrasion

Machine Treatments


- Ultrasound

- High Frequency
- Chromo Photo Light
- V9 Face Shaper
- Galvanic Skin Scrubber
- Bio Ice Hammer

Facial Skin Care

We offer a range of facials for all skin types and conditions. When visiting our beauty salon, our professional beauty therapists will analyze your skin condition and advise on which facial treatment is best for your individual needs.

You will also receive a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage with every facial treatment carried out at the salon. Having a regular facial is a great way to relax with many clients finding these treatments to be extremely stress relieving.

A facial treatment helps to keep skin healthy by;

• Keeping the outer layer clean, smooth and soft
• Ensuring there is enough moisture in the outer layers
• Feeding living cells and tissues with a healthy supply of blood
• Helping skin resist infection
• Providing protection from external damage from the elements

Mostly all facial treatments offered at Artistic Snova Beauty uses professional products from Genosys and Babor. In addition, we offer home care advice and we are proud to offer a range of professional facial products for you to continue to enhance your skin condition from the comfort of your own home. Ask your therapist for details.

Facial Treatments

- Lift & Firm Treatment
- Acne Treatment
- Whitening Treatment
- Hydration Treatment
- Cell Renew Treatment

- Eye Treatment