1. A small amount of charcoal isplaced on the burner and ignited.
2. Ratus powder is sprinkled onto the ignited charcoal.
3. The burner is placed under the Ratus stool.
4. Put on Ratus gown, remove undergarment. Encompass the stool with the gown as you sit on the stool to contain the smoke. Slightly spread

    opens both legs.
5. Relax and allow the smoke to emit into the vaginal area progressively. More Ratus powder is added when required.
6. Contract the virginal muscles from time to time while the Ratus is emitting. (Method: Take in air through the mouth– relaxes virginal muscles,

    Breath Out from the nose– contract virginal muscles. Each treatment should take 20-25 minutes or until the emitting is no longer effective.
7. It can be done once or twice a week or regularly when discharge is heavy.

The Treatment

Ratus is the traditional way the Balinese women use as a dry feminine
wash. The treatment helps women reduce excessive vagina discharge, eliminating fungi, discomfort and unpleasant odour and itch and enhance intimacy. During treatment, the breathing technique used to contract the vagina may help tighten and maintain elasticity of the vagina muscle.

Duration :   30 minutes


Vetiveria zizanioides, Michelia Champaca Extract , Erythrina variegata, Michelia Champaca Essence, Menyan Madu

Ratus Intimate Treatment

NOT recommended for pregnant woman or with open wound, bleeding and menstruation. This treatment is to relief discomfort and not meant to cure certain medical conditions. Seek professional medical consultation at all times.