Artistic Spa

Stimulate your five senses and in the process pamper yourself with a selection of body massages, therapeutic getaways and rejuvenating treatments in Artistic Spa. Accentuate your sense of sight, smell, touch, sound and taste while indulging in. The right blend of present-day preparations and ancient treatments indigenous to the region are fused together to ensure your complete well-being and rejuvenation.

Artistic Spa is modeled combining a serene, tranquil and exclusive ambience with a thorough selection of Asian and Western treatments for the ultimate pampering and relaxation.

Fusing together present day preparations with ancient treatments indigenous to the region, relax, rejuvenate and restore your balance of mind, body and soul with Artistic Spa’s comprehensive range of body massages, body treatments, facials, bath treatments, hand & feet treatments and other spa packages to cater to the needs of each individuals.Our body massages and treatments, facials and spa packages use the exotic properties of Asian herbs and spices to evoke an out-of-body experience that melts away your weariness and brings back serenity.