Nutriv Serum

Nutriv SerumHONEY DEW, rich in vitamins, mineral and amino acids, to give natural supplement of nutritions to hair and act as a moisturizer for hair as well. Nutriv-serum also contains adequate active silicons only to provide non oily & easy to spread emoliency , improves softness, enhance shine and better manageability of hair.

Repair Mask

This product contains Royal Jelly with moisture-balance characteristic that makes hair soft & elastic. It is also good for decreasing abnormal hair loss. Natural Phytantriol acts to reduce loss of water in hair, prevents split ends, imparts sheen todull or damaged hair and protects hair from hot blow-drying.

Mint Sorbet

Filled with minerals and astringent. Revitalizes and prevents dandruff.

Strawberry Yoghurt
Supplemented with vitamin A and C. Makes hair fresher and softer.

Your Hair Relaxation Cream with Real Active Extract. Sensational cream with soft scrub particles.

Also nutrition from REAL FOOD EXTRACTS will increase hair's vitality. Find the unique aroma from Cinnamon Coffee, Black Chocolate, Vanilla Milk, Mint Sorbet, Green Tea Butter & Strawberry Yoghurt.

Indulge your mood with a great  experience by texture.

Special treatment to restore the condition of damaged hair, dry, dull & split end. With infrared supersonic technology, especially after rebonding or perming process.

Black Chocolate
Contains Katekin with Yummy Chocolate aroma. Prevents damage and soften hair.

Green Tea Butter

Contains Antioxidant, also with vitamin C and E to refresh hair and make it shinier.

Cinnamon Coffee

Enriched with mineral and Coffee extracts. Prevents damage to hair and maintain hair PH balance.

Vanilla Milk
Vanilla MilkEnhanced with milk cream to soften hair and restore elasticity.